2019 Lama Trot Run – 5K Walk & 5K/10K Run – Sign Up

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Abby Festival – Lama Trot Run/Walk

  • 5K Walk – $15 (T-shirt Included)
  • 5K Run – $20 (T-shirt Included)
  • 10K Run – $25 (T-shirt Included)
  • 5K Walk – $5 (T-shirt NOT Included)
  • 5K Run – $10 (T-shirt NOT Included)
  • 10K Run – $15 (T-shirt NOT Included)
  • T-Shirts – $10 – Extra T-shirts are available the day of the race

To register and pay with debit or credit card, please select the link below:

To register and pay with cash or check, please fill out the information below:

Please register and then print out the waiver and mail the waiver and your check to:  Lama Trot Run; 5198 Pickard Avenue; Abbotsford, WI  54405.  For more information, call (715) 302-1177.

Waiver of Liability – Lama Trot Run

  • I acknowledge that I have read and understand the terms of entry and agree to be bound by the terms of entry.
  • I attest and verify that I am physically able to participate in this event, have properly trained for this event and have not been advised against participation by a physician.
  • I understand participation in this event puts me at a risk of injury or death.  I hereby waive and release any and all claims I or my next of kin/heirs may have against the organizers and sponsors of this event, including any and all claims of damages caused by negligence or otherwise which arise out of my participation in this event, including any/all legal fees that may be incurred.
  • I consent to the use of my name, image, voice, statement or other without compensation.
  • I accept that if the event is cancelled for any reason, my entry fee will not be refunded.  If the event is rescheduled and I am unable to participate, no refund or credit will be given.
  • I agree fully with the terms of this waiver and have read and understand them completely.

Name of Participant:

Print Name: ______________________________________________

Signature: _______________________________________________

(Parent of legal guardian MUST sign if runner is under 18)

  • Please print and mail entry form and Waiver of Liability form with check or money order payable to: “Lama Trot Run”; 5198 Pickard Avenue; Abbotsford, WI  54405.

**Mailed registration must be received BEFORE: Tuesday, May 28, 2019, OR you will be required to register/pay on race day.  Duplicate payments will be returned.  Registration is NOT COMPLETE until all information is received.